Watch this interesting interview with Laura Bruun and Vile Sinisalo! The education module will be established and operated within Minnalearn’s education platform, which exists in an ecosystem designed for long-term sustainability. This platform provides a stable and thoroughly tested environment equipped with technical functionalities to grade exercises and issue certificates upon successful completion. Notably, it is a European-made and hosted platform, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations.

The primary objective of this module is to educate society and future AI and machine learning engineers while they are enrolled in traditional university education programs. To achieve this purpose, all EU universities can incorporate the course into their curriculum and offer credits to their students without any charges. For universities outside Europe, the possibility of using the module in their curriculum will be subject to case-by-case negotiations.

During this interview, you will gain insights into the educational module’s content, objectives, and impact and benefits on society.

Watch the interview