SPATIAL targets practical use cases concerning AI in ICT systems and cybersecurity. The progress we will envision will be trialled in real world scenarios during the lifetime of the project.

There are envisioned four different validation scenarios to demonstrate the advances performed in the research. In a nutshell, the four pilots will be oriented to:

  • Privacy-preserving AI on the Edge and beyond. Lead by Telefónica.
  • Improving explainability, resilience and performance of cybersecurity analysis of 5G/4G/IoT networks. This will be led by Montimage.
  • Accountable AI in Emergency eCall System, led by Fraunhofer Fokus.
  • Resilient Cybersecurity Analytics, led by F-Secure.

As it can be seen they cover a broad range of use cases, including elements on privacy, network security, cybersecurity and even eCall emergency systems. The participation of major players of the industry or recognised research centers, envision a solid impact for the technology we will develop.

Do not hesitate to gain a deeper understanding of the goals, challenges, impact and the technology development from our pilots. You can visit our dedicated site for the pilots at

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