The SPATIAL project, coordinated by Dr. Aaron Ding from TU Delft, was recently featured in a session of a workshop at the FCN 2023 Edge AI, IoT, and Networking event held in Helsinki, Finland. 

This academic workshop, jointly organized by renowned institutions such as the University of Helsinki, TU Delft, Tsinghua University, TU Munich, and HKUST, aimed to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration among professors, researchers, and graduate students in various domains, including edge computing, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. The SPATIAL project took center stage during the Research Highlight session, providing international participants with insights into the latest outcomes achieved by the project.

The FCN 2023 Edge AI, IoT, and Networking event was a pivotal platform for industry experts and academia to converge, fostering discussions on cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. The workshop attracted professionals from diverse backgrounds, including computer science, engineering, and information technology, creating a dynamic environment conducive to exchanging ideas and experiences.

Dr. Aaron Ding showcased the project’s progress and outcomes during the Research Highlight session at FCN 2023. 

The project’s involvement in the workshop’s Research Highlight session provided a unique opportunity to share SPATIAL’s latest outcomes and advancements with an international audience of professors, researchers, and graduate students.