On the 11th of September, the SECURENET 2023 workshop took place at the University College Dublin. This workshop was jointly organized by the Network Softwarization and Security Labs (NETSLAB) research group at the UCD School of Computer Science and the SFI CONNECT Centre. It provided a vital platform for in-depth discussions on the security and privacy of future mobile networks, including 5G and 6G technology. There were more than 150 online participants, over 200 registrations and over 60 in person attendants

The core focus of SECURENET 2023 revolved around the security and privacy challenges posed by the rapid evolution of mobile networks. Protecting sensitive data and communication channels has become a key issue. The workshop addressed these concerns and presented cutting-edge solutions to fortify these networks against potential security threats.

SECURENET 2023 was designed to be a collaborative gathering, bringing together a diverse group of participants. It welcomed professors, researchers, academic graduate students, and industrial researchers. These perspectives allowed for a holistic exploration of security and privacy aspects concerning 5G, 6G, and Internet of Things (IoT) systems.

One of the standout features of SECURENET 2023 was its emphasis on knowledge exchange. Attendees had the opportunity to share not only their ideas but also practical implementations related to the security and privacy of mobile networks. This sharing of experiences and insights was invaluable, paving the way for collaborative efforts in the future.

The SPATIAL project took advantage of the event to gather participant testimonials.

The agenda was full of amazing speakers.

Look at the booklet and learn more about the speakers and their talks!