AUSTRALO is a marketing agency specializing in growth hacking for research and innovation. Our mission is closely tied up to the rule of the 3-Cs: CAPTURE + CREATE + CAPITALIZE on the potential of science and next-generation technology to thrive in the Lab-to-Market gap.


Our team re-thinks the traditional marketing model to adapt it to the flux of disruptive ideas, driving awareness and stakeholder take-in. Our service portfolio reconciles sophisticated professional services with the essence inherent to research and innovation projects. A full-stack Marketing Mix that includes digital marketing campaigns, ecosystem development, innovation management plans and go-to-market exploitation roadmaps.


We work closely with a leading network of partners in the high-tech industry, entrepreneurship hubs, academia, digital transformation, Green Deal and healthcare, advocating for a trustworthy, fair and sustainable data-driven economy.



Principal Investigator

Jose Gonzalezis the CEO at AUSTRALO and Team Lead in SPATIAL. Graduated with honors as a Telecommunication Engineer from the Technical University of Madrid, where he worked as a Project Manager and launched 2 business ideas, in 2020 he founded AUSTRALO with the ambition to bridge the divide between technology, research and the market.


Principal Investigator

How did you start/join/enroll SPATIAL?

AUSTRALO is a founding partner of SPATIAL and our team has contributed to reinforcing the quality of the project idea since its inception. Particularly, we coordinate the strategies and execute campaigns to maximise the impact of the initiative across a wide range of stakeholders.

What are your expectations in a project of this nature?

Our motivation to participate in SPATIAL is to seize the results, visibility and recognition of such a disruptive project among a community of developers and end-users, growing up our customer and partner base in the research domains of cybersecurity and trustworthy Artificial Intelligence.

What can the research community expect from SPATIAL?

SPATIAL will help improve the understanding of applying AI in the scope of cybersecurity. The project will increase the quality and effectiveness of mechanisms to reduce the number and impact of incidents, propose new solutions for privacy-preserving ML on the edge, accountability for GDPR, and explainability of existing algorithms.

Where do you see SPATIAL results in 10 years?

The outcomes and findings of the project will facilitate new skills and a better understanding of security and privacy through a comprehensive illustration of AI explainability. SPATIAL’s training material will enable smooth adoption of Trusted Execution Environments to integrate with hardware and AI-based products, while motivating new generations of researchers.