SPATIAL builds the pathway toward a trustworthy European cybersecurity sector, enabling trustworthy governance and regulatory framework for AI-driven security in Europe.

Achieving trustworthy AI is a top priority for Europe, often hindered by the opacity of algorithms in software and hardware operations. SPATIAL solves such uncertainty by enforcing data privacy, resilience engineering, and legal-ethical accountability.


Transparency and Explainability

Develop verification and validation mechanisms for software + hardware that ensure AI transparency and explainability in the development of security solutions

Resilience and Privacy

Enhance resilience and preserve privacy during the training and deployment of AI services in decentralised, uncontrolled environments.

Societal Impact for Uptake

Create practical guidelines on regulation, governance and standardisation procedures for AI in cybersecurity.

Education and Skills Building

Offer an online educational module to build appropriate skills to strike a balance among technical, human and legal complexity.

New Business Models

Foster and streamline novel business opportunities for the ecosystem of data platforms, certification bodies, AI providers and users.


Funded by the European Union, SPATIAL is a consortium led by TU Delft, consisting of 12 partners from 8 EU member states.